Book Review: Corrupt by Penelope Douglas




I was told that dreams were our heart’s desires. My nightmares, however, became my obsession.

His name is Michael Crist.

My boyfriend’s older brother is like that scary movie that you peek through your hand to watch. He is handsome, strong, and completely terrifying. The star of his college’s basketball team and now gone pro, he’s more concerned with the dirt on his shoe than me.

But I noticed him.

I saw him. I heard him. The things that he did, and the deeds that he hid…For years, I bit my nails, unable to look away.

Now, I’ve graduated high school and moved on to college, but I haven’t stopped watching Michael. He’s bad, and the dirt I’ve seen isn’t content to stay in my head anymore.

Because he’s finally noticed me.


Her name is Erika Fane, but everyone calls her Rika.

My brother’s girlfriend grew up hanging around my house and is always at our dinner table. She looks down when I enter a room and stills when I am close. I can always feel the fear rolling off of her, and while I haven’t had her body, I know that I have her mind. That’s all I really want anyway.

Until my brother leaves for the military, and I find Rika alone at college.

In my city.


The opportunity is too good to be true as well as the timing. Because you see, three years ago she put a few of my high school friends in prison, and now they’re out.

We’ve waited. We’ve been patient. And now every last one of her nightmares will come true.

***Corrupt is a stand-alone dark romance with no Cliffy

*Synopsis from*
*ahem* MICHAEL FUCKING CRIST, guys. That’s all that really needs to be said.

I don’t even have the words that will adequately convey my feelings toward this book to do it justice. Seriously, though. NO. WORDS. But I’m going to try.

The wait for this book was soooo worth it, and let me tell you, if feels like I’ve been waiting foreverrrr. Being one of my two most anticipated releases of 2015 (the other being Misconduct), I was literally freaking out when it showed up on my kindle. I love a good dark romance story, but only when written right and Corrupt is the perfect example. It was dark. So incredibly dark and sexy, but written in a way that was very tasteful. I loved every second of it. The twists and turns had me on edge, gripping my kindle. I’d think it go one way, and then it’d go in a complete different direction. This story was so fucking twisted but I can’t help but LOVE everything about it. It definitely went down as my favorite Penelope Douglas book.

I went through a whirlwind of emotions, and holy shit, there were times I felt so angry I wanted to throw my kindle. I didn’t know whether I wanted to kick Michael where it hurts or jump his bones. And Oh. My. God. The sex scenes. The sex scenes were freaking fantastic. Especially THAT scene. I knew it was coming, and I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m SO happy it happened.

There’s so much I want to say but I don’t want to spoil a single thing. I’m not going to say whether or not Erika gets with all the guys. Read the story and find out! Trust me, you don’t want this spoiled, you need to go in completely blind to everything. Speaking of Rika, that girl can hold her own, and I love a heroine like that!

Penelope Douglas proves that she can write anything with Corrupt. She took her writing to a whole other level and should feel extremely proud of the outcome. I hope Penelope plans to write more erotica in the future, or at least write about Damon, Kai, and Will. Mainly Damon. 😉


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